Custom Printing

Portfolio of Custom Prints on LEGO parts


Custom Torso

StanGeek black ink on white torso

2x2 Tiles

I <> Robots

1x2 Tiles

Pride Flags

Printed Torso

Color logo on black torso

2x2 Tiles logo

1x7 Technic Beam


2x4 LEGO® Tile prints

Not The DROIDS You Are Looking For

Printing 3D printed elements

Customizing customer supplied elements

1x8 LEGO® Brick prints


1x8 LEGO® Brick prints

LUG Custom Badge Names

3x4 custom puzzle

Print your favorite photo on LEGO® tiles

1x5 Tecnic Beam

Website Design

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About Millionprints

Providing Custom Prints to the AFOL Community Since 2015

Based in Montreal, QC, has been producing quality prints on a variety of LEGO® bricks serving the AFOL community as well as the STEM and Eduction related communities providing prints for giveways at event or as part of a trophy. The people behind Millionprints combine graphic design skills, attention to detail, an artistic sense, and an understanding of the LEGO community to bring quality products to everyone. Use the form above to contact Millionprints and tell us what project you have in mind, we will be delighted to assist you and provide you with a quote.