Ever ask yourself - Can this part be printed on?

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In the infographic above I try to explain how certain parts can be printed and why.

Model: UV Printer Mimaki UJF3042-FX
Max print area: 300mm x 420mm
Max bed clearance: 50mm
Ink colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, White and Clear

other view Because the bed can lower max 5cm i’m able to print on object as thick as large LEGO wheels. In this case a special primer is applied to the rubber to ensure adequate “display” level print adherence.

other view other view Because the print can stay relatively focused within 5mm range, it is possible to print over studs

other view other view For that same reason, it’s also possible to print on curved surfaces

other view Even on tiny parts such as minifig heads or cups or 1x1 round bricks

other view As long as there is nothing in the pathway of the printer and the surface to print on is within 5mm of the print head then we can even print inside parts (like the back of a tile or the inside of a brick separator)

other view other view Finally with the proper jig the print surface can be placed horizontally and so slopes and wedge can also be printed.

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