Welcome to millionprints 2.0

Featuring a new MIMAKI UJF-3042FX for all your LEGO® printing needs

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A short story on how millionprints got its 2.0

In January 2020 millionprints got a major upgrade when it replaced its current digital UV printer - a cheap Brotherjet(Artisjet) clone from China to a new (well almost new) MIMAKI UJF-3042FX UV flatbed printer, a renoun brandname from Japan. This has allowed millionprints to up its game in quality prints on LEGO® or any other hard flat surfaces up to 5cm in height. Imerse yourself in the world of millionprints 2.0 and enjoy this portfolio of job made on this new printer.

Below a few pictures of the setup of the new printer in my shop

the setup

WELCOME TO millionprints 2.0

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